Lerta helps in the digital transformation of companies from the energy sector. The company offers solutions that help to manage a large number of dispersed power units in the energy production sector. It focuses on measurements, automatization of the decision making process and improvement of operations efficiency in companies involved in the production, distribution or trading of gas and energy. The company’s platform helps utility companies in every stage of their operations like generation, transmission, trading, distribution and retail.  Lerta’s products include solutions in areas such as smart meters, virtual power plant (VPP), demand side response services (DSR) and smart home, while among its clients are present the largest companies in the energy sector in Poland.

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Noctiluca is a highly qualified company from Toruń, specializing in the synthesis of organic compounds used in optoelectronics (diodes, displays, lasers, photosensitive dyes, solar cells). The goal of the project is to develop OLED emitters based on a new class of organic TADF semiconductors (electroluminescence due to thermally active delayed fluorescence) for use in products such as OLED displays and lighting. This technology allows the further development of displays used in smartphones or TVs and improvement of their quality parameters as well as economic and performance indicators. The project’s goal is in line with global trends in the industry and the technology itself has a large, untapped potential to bring many benefits, including: positive impact on the environment, prolonging the life of devices as well as no need to use expensive and limited precious metal resources.

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Research conducted by MIT shows that the cooperation of humans and robots is 85% more productive than the work of humans and robots separately. Kogena was created due to the growing shortage of employees on the market (lack of qualified specialists, increase in wages and progressive automation of production). The kobots (cooperating robots) provided by the company, equipped with proprietary software for error prediction and data analysis, are a remedy for burning personnel problems of industrial companies. The company’s solution consists of three elements (1) of the COBOTMonitor System – proprietary software enabling the collection, monitoring and analysis of the work of cobots; (2) COBOTConnector – hardware and software module installed in the cobot controller box with pre-loaded communication software; (3) Universal Robots Cobots.

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Aleet is developing cutting-edge technologies for transportation services and traffic prediction.

Company offers fully scalable, cloud-based solutions for fleet owners and operators allowing real time fleet management and monitoring, solutions for vehicle load management while routing, traffic prediction tool etc.

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Share.P uses IoT technology to finally solve the problem of air pollution and congestion in cities. With Share.P, building owners can safely share vacant parking spots and charging points for electric vehicles, reducing time needed for cruising for parking and CO2 emissions. It’s possible thanks to our patent-pending system using affordable electronic modules and an intuitive mobile app. It offers reliable reservations, simple online payments and is a convenient and secure way to remotely open any garage door. Share.P provides a necessary tool and financial incentive to build universal EV charging infrastructure, removing the main barrier in switching to electric cars!

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STABILIS® supports manufacturing companies in digital transformation by providing advanced systems for the optimization of industrial production processes. We create our solutions based on our own low-code platform dedicated to creating applications for Industry 4.0 based on IIoT and enabling advanced data analysis using AI / ML algorithms. STABILIS® customers include medium and large manufacturing companies. Thanks to the software development technology our applications are 100% tailored to the unique needs of each factory.
The STABILIS® low-code platform will be available under the SaaS model for developers and external IT companies that create applications for industry in Q4 2022.

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Nevomo is a leading supplier of innovative key components for hyperloop and the next generation of high-speed railways (MagRail). Its unique approach will enable quick and gradual implementation of transport systems inspired by the hyperloop concept, starting with the use of the existing corridor routes. By adapting the existing railway infrastructure, the company aims to enable travel with a speed of up to 550 kph. This will be possible thanks to the development of MagRail technology, a magnetic railway system that makes use of existing railway tracks. Both traditional trains and MagRail vehicles can operate on the same railway line interchangeably. Nevomo is the first company in the world proposing a gradual implementation of hyperloop-inspired solutions as an upgrade to the railway industry.

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Hustro is a next generation issue identification and management platform for General Contractors that allows them to identify safety, environment and quality related issues earlier and lower the costs of issue resolution.

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Omni3D is a company specialized in the production of high-precision industrial 3D printers. Currently, the company’s portfolio includes one product – the Omni500 Pro printer, but its founders are working on two more models. The first of these – Omni500 Lite – a budget version of the standard product, will be available on the market in the fourth quarter of 2019. The company has already conduct sales activities, under which it acquired several dozen clients such as Volkswagen, Airbus, Bosch and BAE Systems.

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Cloud Partners addresses the problem of increasing costs and complexity of managing cloud infrastructure. It is an optimization engine based on ML that scans and evaluates current offers of major cloud providers and guarantees that your cloud platform is always optimized for quality and cost.

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QuickStream is a company working on technology providing reliability and quality of television signal transmission over the Internet instead of other traditional solutions (sending signals via satellite, leased lines or via the Internet using traditional network protocols) suitable for the professional market. The project addresses the needs of television broadcasters and the changing market for transmitting live broadcast signals. The solution eliminates the main disadvantages of competing technologies, such as: the need to buy very expensive equipment, the use of outdated methods (RTMP protocols), difficulty in configuration, long contracts with service providers and lack of flexibility of services. In return, customers will receive a platform based on IP protocols and the cloud, without the need for hardware, in a flexible subscription model (on Demand, Software as a Service).

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Vortex Oil Engineering is a Warsaw-based company from the Oil & Gas sector that has developed a solution used in the extraction of crude oil, allowing for a 40% increase in the  raw material extraction. Vortex designs devices which are installed directly in the injection pipeline, acting as a hydroacoustic mill, destroying large residual oil and mineral particles in the injection water stream. The device is modeled and allows for increased oil production in fields with variable water flow without switching to a tertiary improved oil recovery system. It also allows to reduce the costs of wastewater treatment and positively affects the natural environment.

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Defenselayers is a company operating on the dynamically growing cybersecurity market. It specializes in securing software containers. Containers are used to modernize existing applications and create new ones in the cloud. They are perceived by IT specialists as a critical solution for the cloud and DevOps and technology that helps solve problems related to the portability of applications. Their use allows companies to improve the efficiency, scalability of created solutions and additional savings. The biggest challenge of containerization is the issue of their security. Defenselayers was created to provide it, in other words – protect containers’ integrity, covering all stages of their operation – from applications to infrastructure.

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ZeroQs is a company that has created the technology of self-service mobile cash registers. Its aim is to enhance the level of customer satisfaction with purchases made in retail chains (reduced by queues, among others), while simultaneously increasing the profitability of retail outlets (by reducing personnel’s workload, increasing the average value of the basket, providing anti-theft security) and the income of FMCG producers (personalized marketing in the stores).  The technology developed by ZeroQs integrates seamlessly with the retailer’s IT infrastructure and makes it possible to decrease the level of shoplifting. The hardware component of the solution consists of a smart trolley that has a built-in weight, a barcode scanner, camera, and a touchscreen monitor. The touchscreen allows the customer to interact with the device but also makes it possible to display personalized advertising content.

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Ecolife is a Krakow-based company from the cleantech sector that has developed numerous solutions to measure and fight with air pollution. The company’s portfolio includes both devices monitoring indoor and outdoor air quality, data analytics connected directly to the mobile application and recommendation system as well as moisturizing and air purifying solutions. The company designs solutions that are not only capable of measuring basic parameters like PM 2.5 and PM10 dust, but also detect their source. All of this creates a complete solution available for both business and individual customers. Ecolife was awarded with the CES Asia 2017 Award in the Green Technologies category, was a silver medalist in the European Product Design Awards competition in the Design for Environment category and is a winner of other competitions around the world.

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DatAi is developing a new approach to real-time shopfloor data collection and analysis enabling retailers to engage with customers during the shopping process with the goal to improve customer journey and enhance basket value.

Globe Green Energy is an innovative system for micro combined generation for households and SMBs based on bio-mass. It is unique in the fact that it is a multi-fuel solution, exhibits very high efficiency of converting heat to electricity and is very easy to use.

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