Vortex Oil Engineering

Vortex Oil Engineering is a Warsaw-based company from the Oil & Gas sector that has developed a solution used in the extraction of crude oil, allowing for a 40% increase in the  raw material extraction. Vortex designs devices which are installed directly in the injection pipeline, acting as a hydroacoustic mill, destroying large residual oil and mineral particles in the injection water stream. The device is modeled and allows for increased oil production in fields with variable water flow without switching to a tertiary improved oil recovery system. It also allows to reduce the costs of wastewater treatment and positively affects the natural environment.

More information on the company’s website: http://vortex-oil.com/


Ecolife is a Krakow-based company from the cleantech sector that has developed numerous solutions to measure and fight with air pollution. The company’s portfolio includes both devices monitoring indoor and outdoor air quality, data analytics connected directly to the mobile application and recommendation system as well as moisturizing and air purifying solutions. The company designs solutions that are not only capable of measuring basic parameters like PM 2.5 and PM10 dust, but also detect their source. All of this creates a complete solution available for both business and individual customers. Ecolife was awarded with the CES Asia 2017 Award in the Green Technologies category, was a silver medalist in the European Product Design Awards competition in the Design for Environment category and is a winner of other competitions around the world.

More information on the company’s website: https://ecolife.eu.com/en


Lerta helps in the digital transformation of companies from the energy sector. The company offers solutions that help to manage a large number of dispersed power units in the energy production sector. It focuses on measurements, automatization of the decision making process and improvement of operations efficiency in companies involved in the production, distribution or trading of gas and energy. The company’s platform helps utility companies in every stage of their operations like generation, transmission, trading, distribution and retail.  Lerta’s products include solutions in areas such as smart meters, virtual power plant (VPP), demand side response services (DSR) and smart home, while among its clients are present the largest companies in the energy sector in Poland.

More information on the company’s website: http://www.lerta.energy/